Sunday’s Seven (Week 29)


200 / 365: *Someone* is ready for a week of Drama Camp. ;)


201 / 365: Cricket takes singing her babies to sleep very seriously…


202 / 365: It’s hard to get the full effect with a still shot, but bath bombs are da┬ábomb for sweltering hot summer days spent indoors.


203 / 365: Cricket practices her piano with her two biggest inspirations — Santa Claus and Sean McConnell. (Ha!)


204 / 365: A week of Drama Camp comes to a close with a performance of “O Me O My Nehemiah,” and Emma Vance is part of the wall around Jerusalem. (Ryan thinks she looks more like she’s attempting to walk amongst a crowd of Walkers on TWD.)


205 / 365: Emma Vance and Cricket’s only cousins, The California Aquilios, are in town!


206 / 365: Cousin Jacob entertains the Shove girls by enduring a toddler’s retelling of “Beauty and the Beast.”

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