Sunday’s Seven (Week 30)


207 / 365: #cricketcompactor


208 /365: Emma Vance is sidelined from swimming because of a pop-up thunderstorm, which have been rampant this week. (Summer is ending with a bang — literally!)

Shove HR-260

209 / 365: Gah! I am still geeing out over these gorgeous pictures of Emma Vance’s Princess of Play-Doh Coronation birthday party. (How cute is she??)


210 / 365: Nothing to see here, folks. Just a toddler eating watermelon naked in the kitchen sink. Completely normal. (For the South at least…ha!)


211 / 365: It’s so hot out that for the first time EVER the girls said they didn’t want to go play outside — not even to swim — so they’re taking a loooong bath instead.


212 / 265: Wanted the monkey costume desperately. I obliged. Happy as a clam…until she saw her big sister in a ballerina dress. #jealousmonkey


213 / 365: We are pool-drowning-bug-rescuers, us Shoves. Today we were thrilled to save our first (drumroll please) CRICKET!!!

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