Sunday’s Seven (Week 46)


319 / 365: Fall Leaf Hunt 2016!


320 / 365: We said goodbye to my family’s yellow lab today, Bloo, so Cricket and I stopped by for one more hug.


321 / 365: Sometimes you just don’t argue when your kids insist on wearing whatever they want to school. ;)


322 / 365: “Look, Mom! It’s a picture of you giving me a piggy back ride!”


323 / 365: It’s Thanksgiving Feast Day at preschool, and my little Indian brave is excited to share the dessert we made!


324 / 365: Ryan and I are out on a date night for our ELEVENTH anniversary (!), but we know the girls are in good hands baking muffins with Miss Stephanie.


325 / 365: In attempt to sneak in some exercise with kids in tow, I head to Ryan’s old high school track to run stadiums while the girls play…which lasted about 20 minutes. #facepalm


And a bonus shot from the week: The magical potion that the girls created from their Leaf Hunt findings!

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