Sunday’s Seven (Week 9)


60 / 365: Emma Vance and Cricket celebrate their fun friend, Harper’s, birthday at the happiest place on earth — Chick-fil-A!


61 / 365: Cricket does her favorite thing — feeding her baby (Anna) in the playroom. #mommyintraining

NO1_4212 (1)

62 / 365: The girls dress up as Olivia and Ian (their favorite literary pigs!) for Book Week at preschool.

NO1_4345 (1)

63 /365: Cricket celebrates Ladybug Girl by dressing up and bringing in her beloved book for her 1s class.


63 / 365: Spring is starting to make its way to Georgia, and Cricket enjoys the sunshine while making a silly face. ;)

NO1_4443 (1)

64 / 365: Emma Vance paints a puppy at her sweet friend, Sophie’s, Farmhouse in the City birthday party.

NO1_4471 (1)

65 / 365: We’ve been absent from church for a few weeks, which is unusual for us, so the girls are super excited to see their Sunday friends again! Also, Cricket is insistent that we bring in her new book to share. Coco Chanel + Jesus makes sense, right? ;)

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