Sunday’s Seven (Weeks 40 + 41)

The past two weeks have been filled to the brim with to-dos. A week after my mother passed, I traveled to New York to bury her ashes. This past week was spent cleaning out her house. (And man did she collect A LOT of stuff in 68 years, haha!) The pictures I took don’t necessarily reflect my day-to-day right now, but I’m happy to focus on the bright side — that the girls have been cheery and moving on easily.


270 / 365: The girls enjoy the Kinder Eggs they’ve earned with our chore/coin system.


271 / 365: Makin’ cute sandwiches for school!


272 / 365: Cricket’s favorite “pinky pie” (porcupine) pajamas have officially lost an entire footie!


273 / 365: The girls’ love of babies is rubbing off on Oscar, haha!


274 / 365: While my grandmother and I are in Manilus, New York, my parents’ best friends give us the tour of the town I was born in, including the street my family lived on — Candy Lane.


275 / 365: A hard day as we bury my mother’s ashes.


276 / 365: Well, that’s one way to nap!


277 / 365: For the past few weeks, we hired a temporary nanny so that I could tend to my mother and the aftermath of her death. The girls LOVE Tete, who is patient and apparently very good at playing babies. ;)


278 / 365: It’s Picture Day at school (and Ryan has a big meeting). You can guess E.V.’s opinion of her outfit, haha!


279 / 365: Now it’s Picture Day for Cricket’s class, and Emma Vance can’t stand not being in the shot. Go figure!


280 / 365: Just packin’ preschool lunch and monkeyin’ around.


281 / 365: Clearly we are a very exciting family considering it’s Friday night and I’m folding laundry while E.V. shouts play-by-plays from the washer to her little sister.


282 / 365: Cricket barely naps anymore, so I’m surprised and relieved to see this sweet girl all bundled up in bed mid-day.


283 / 365: The girls are thoroughly enjoying a local fundraiser for Louisiana flood victims — although I hate to admit they thought it was a birthday party (and were disappointed when there was no cake). ;)

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