Sunday’s Seven (Weeks 49 + 50)



340 / 365: The girls tell Santa what they want for Christmas: “a baby doll you can dress and a stroller” for Cricket and “a blue Tiana dress” for Emma Vance. (P.S. We already own two doll strollers and Disney only makes green Tiana dresses. Of course!)


341 / 365: The most exciting thing for E.V. during her preschool cooking class? “A green tongue.”


342 / 365: E.V.’s first love note to a boy in her class. It says, “Tripp and E.V.” and has a picture of the two of them at the bottom, as well as “an eagle bringing us a baby.” (The poor kid has no idea what she has planned for him, haha!)


343 / 365: Cricket says goodbye to our friend, Miss Danielle, who has been staying with us this week while house hunting. We are eager for her and Mr. Joe to move back to Georgia!!


344 / 365: Ryan took E.V. to her first school field trip ever, to Bethlehem Walk. Afterwards, we all met at Chick-fil-A along with all the other students and parents to warm up and get a bite to eat.


345 / 365: Great Grandma Vance is in town, and a trip to pick out the girls’ Christmas gifts is our first order of business.


346 / 365: Today my family celebrated my mom’s life with a small family-only wake/dinner as she requested on her deathbed, but to distract ourselves from the sadness, Great Grandma Vance does what she does best with her great granddaughters — bake cookies!


347 / 365: Saying goodbye is the worst!


348 / 365: Cricket tags along as I drop off our small group’s donation of two gift baskets for new moms to a local Women’s Clinic.


349 / 365: I love being Snack Mom during fun, theme-y months! (And so does Cricket…)


350 / 365: Every little girl needs a homemade Baby Jesus doll for the Christmas season, right? ;) Our Baby Jesus has been given a lot of love over the past month.


351 / 365: Emma Vance serves herself during Polar Express PJ Day at preschool.


352 / 365: E.V. is thoroughly enjoying decorating her pancake at her buddy, Little Ethan’s, Pancakes + PJs birthday party.


353 / 365: Spotted.

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