Sunday’s Seven (Weeks 51 + 52 — Goodbye, 2016!)


354 / 365: It’s Cricket’s Christmas Party today at preschool, which is appropriate because it’s “freeze-your-knees” cold out, as we say in the Shove household.


355 / 365: Now it’s Emma Vance’s turn for a Christmas Party, and she’s enjoying her luncheon casually, haha!


356 / 365: Emma Vance cuts up apples for homemade applesauce. #knifeskillz


357 / 365: The girls play with the dollhouse my mother had purchased for them years ago. (Yes, people can send gifts from heaven.)


358 / 365: SNOW MOUNTAIN! These little Southern girls’ hearts are full. And cold.


359 / 365: It’s amazing how Santa always finds time to FaceTime our girls on his busiest night of the year so they can remind him of their wish list. *wink wink*


360 / 365: Good morning, Christmas! (Note E.V.’s mismatched pajamas, since she threw up fried Oreos and funnel cake last night. Yuck.)


361 / 365: Now THAT’s a Pumpkin Smash!


362 / 365: I do love him, and I do love getting dressed up. Off to the Retro 8 Films Christmas Party at Marcel!


363 / 365: We are all in the island spirit as we head off to see “Moana” with Papadon!


364 / 365: Working on letting go of the last of the girls’ baby clothes, and it seems E.V. is having just as hard of a time parting with them as I am!


365 / 365: When the Carleys are in town, there’s no telling what can happen…


366 / 365: Leap Year Bonus! (And, yes, I watched — and even participated — as this nonsense occurred because “I’m not like the other moms, I’m a cool mom.” ;)


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