Tea Party

E.V. received a talking tea set as a gift last month, and since then has had a slight¬†obsession with tea parties. (And by “slight,” I mean “every night.”) The teapot talks, which in and of itself causes fits of giggles from our little lady, but the true heart of her obsession has been the ritual of “serving” tea. She loves to have her party all set up, cups, saucers, spoons, teapot and treats, on her play table each night, where either Ryan or I are the guest of honor. We sit while she stands, hostessing. She stirs our tea, serves us treats (her favorite thing to do since we then pretend to eat the treats, which is hilarious in baby world) and has polite conversation. It’s a sweet time where she gets to run the show, and we love every minute of it. These tea parties have me dreaming of the age where we can actually have real tea parties together, with cookies and sandwiches and apple juice as “tea”…Oh, hurry little one and become a little girl! :)

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