Ten Month Weigh-In

(hence the “+/- a few ounces”)

Emma Vance is going to hit the ten month mark this weekend, so I stopped by the pediatrician’s office yesterday for a quick weigh-in (and a slew of burning questions, as usual).

Let me first say–this whole getting-E.V.-to-sit-still thing is getting hard. VERY hard. She’s a wiggle worm, and for some reason the doctor’s scale is the wiggliest place for her. Since these weigh-ins are informal and impromptu, I do the weighing alone, but she was extra squirmy this time around–so much so that a doctor came out of her office and offered to help. Merp. :/  I suppose next time I’ll have to keep my laughter and chastising down a bit more.

Emma Vance weighed in at…well, I think she weighed in at 20 lbs. 2 oz. (+/- a few ounces) and measured 27″ tall–which means she grew ZERO and put on a measly five ounces (or so). I blame the wiggliness. If only I could bottle up her energy and zeal for exercise because, truthfully, I’d love to have those monthly stats myself! :)

Blur effect added for emphasis.
Oh wait, nope.
This is real time wiggle-worming. And nose diving.

“20 lbs. 2 oz.?!?”

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