The Last Patch (A Family Picnic)



On Friday, Cricket, Ryan and I joined Emma Vance’s class for a Family Picnic at the preschool pumpkin patch. (I do promise that this is the last pumpkin patch post for the season, but can you blame me for being so in love with Octobers?) Despite the over-gramming of pumpkin stuff, I couldn’t resist sharing pictures from her sweet class at this great event. We really are so lucky to have a class filled with such fun, inquisitive kids, kind, involved families and AMAZING teachers. This week the kids learned a “knock your socks off” word — circumference — and showed off their skills by measuring pumpkins’ circumferences for the parents at the picnic! Plus, our family found a ladybug to investigate, enjoyed lunch from our favorite local coffee shop, Mugs on Milton, and were very surprised by the Mystery Reader who showed up with Halloween books to read. If this was to be our last pumpkin patch visit this year, it was a perfect end to the gourd-filled festivities! (And, before anyone even asks, yes, Emma Vance picked out her outfit, and it was “fashionable” according to her! ;) )

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