Three Little Ladies, Sitting in a Row

Harper Blevins, Emerson Engert and Emma Vance Shove

While UGA squashed Georgia Tech yesterday, Danielle, Chelsea and I played with our babies, and while they seemed to be taking turns being sleepy and napping, there was a brief moment in time when all three were awake and happy. Uh-mazing. I hope they all grow up to be friends if for no other reason than to put these pictures to good use. :)

Emerson came to visit all the way from D.C.!

(Shame on Hudson for that jersey–although he did call the dawgs in it, so he’s forgiven.)

Harper was dressed in the right colors…of course!
Buddies :)

Getting six women to pose for the camera = impossible!

Take two…

Third time’s a charm?

(I cannot stop laughing at E.V.’s expression in this pic!)

Even though these pictures aren’t in focus, so stinkin’ awesome!


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