Tinker Bell! Tinker Bell!


Fairies and pixie dust — this is what my life has come to! :) Since our little lady chanting “Tinker Bell! Tinker Bell!” is a daily occurrence in our household, I’ve totally given in to the Tinker Bell craze. Why fight the inevitable?

It’s so funny — you definitely can’t predict who your children will be and what they’ll be passionate about. Would I have ever guessed that I’d become an expert in all things Tinker Bell and Pixie Hollow? Probably not. I never imagined any amount of my brain space being taken up by release dates for Tinker Bell’s newest movie (April 1st, BTW, and it has a naughty pirate fairy in it), conversations had about who my favorite “other” fairy is (Rosetta), and whether or not Terrence and Tink will get married (it’s just a matter of time, right?). But I’d do anything, watch anything, be “into” anything to make my little girl happy. (And, let’s be honest, so would Ryan. What a good guy.)

In support of her latest obsession, my mom and grandma sent Emma Vance her very first Tinker Bell costume, and I do have to say that although it’s about as itchy as it gets, there’s something about wearing it out in the sunshine that puts a little extra spring in her step. There’s something about wings and a wand that makes her giggle just a little more easily. And, when the wind catches it as she runs, making the tulle and ribbon flow behind her, her eyes definitely sparkle like pixie dust. :)

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