Trick or Treat? ME WANT COOKIES!

Baby Girl Cookie Monster. Yep, that’s where the, “What should Emma Vance be for Halloween?” discussion ended up, and, man, did she look CUTE!

We had thrown around a few other really awesome ideas, but since we’ve been joking that Cookie Monster is her favorite diaper (since we let her look at each one before we change her–the weird habits you develop as a parent!) it seemed like a natural choice. Of course we couldn’t let her be “just” Cookie Monster, so in an effort to avoid the, “Oh, isn’t he┬ácute!” comments, we went with Baby Girl Cookie Monster.

I went online to see if I could make my own from scratch, but in sifting through a lot of cheap looking Cookie costumes for ideas, I ran across one that was really great material. Instead of laboring over a sewing machine for no reason, I opted to buy a basic costume and add a few personal touches to it. A few stitches here and there (because it was a one-size-fits-most, which doesn’t fit most), a felt bow and cookie (a must-have), and E.V. transformed into such a cute Cookie Monster!

We trick-or-treated at the grandmothers’ houses and walked around a little bit to enjoy the festivities. No candy this year–but E.V. did get $5 from her neighbor for the ol’ college fund! That’s pretty good, right? :)

Happy Halloween everyone!

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