101 Dalmatians (#fridaynightwithkids)


It’s raining here in Atlanta, which I secretly love. There’s something so cozy about a dreary day that makes me adore the gray clouds and puddles. Plus my girls nap really well on rainy days, so that helps, haha!

During today’s stormy nap time, I peeked in on Emma Vance and found Oscar cuddled up next to her. Seeing that gray fur ball in her bed was a dream come true for me because my dog, Abby, used to sleep with me as a kid. True, he probably passed out on accident as he waited for a slumbering E.V. to drop the bag of animal crackers she fell asleep hugging (which is normal around here, haha), but it was endearing none the less.

It even reminded me that I had seen a promotion on Disney Junior that they were playing “101 Dalmatians” tonight, and so as the girls slept I took a few minutes to brainstorm (pun intended) how to make watching those spotted puppies a bit more memorable. In an effort to for ease + enjoyment, I decided to take a quick trip with the girls to Publix before dinner to pick up some special movie night treats.

Sometimes I have the bad habit of not doing anything unless it can be something–which usually translates to something time-consuming and complicated. I wanted our Friday night to be special but simple, so the three of us ladies made pizza, watched “101 Dalmatians” and enjoyed snacks (and each other) in a very simple way. Of course I had to theme the food just a little bit (do you know me at all???), so we made Puppy Pizza, mixed up Pongo-n-Perdita Popcorn and treated ourselves to Cruella DeCookies. ;) However, the most special treat of all was that the girls LOVED the movie — booing Cruella loudly and cheering those numerous lil’ canines on with their whole hearts. (Good thing I DVR’d it!)

Happy Friday (with kids) everyone! Hope yours was as special and as simple as ours.

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