18 Things to Do with a Pig and a Wolf

Our second-to-last night at the townhouse, I had to be creative in keeping E.V. entertained.
Luckily I discovered it doesn’t take much!

Sometimes, when you’re a baby and your parents are moving, you wake up from a nap and are like, “Where’s all my stuff, mom?”

Don’t worry, though, because all of your lovely nursery decor and wonderful playthings are awaiting your arrival in your new home. However, heat to keep you warm during those cold winter nights may not be awaiting your arrival, so you might need to sleep in your empty townhouse for a night or two in transition. In such cases, dear baby, your mom may only have a towel resembling a pig and a dog resembling a wolf to entertain you. Here are 18 entertaining things you can do with two such items:

1. Ask your mom what happened to all your stuff. Refuse to act like a big girl until she gives you an answer.

2. Let your dog smell your freshly shampooed hair.

3. Look at the pretty chandelier.

4. Practice rolling side to side…and hopefully back-to-belly soon!

5. Scratch your pajama leg.

6. Did I mention look at the chandelier already?

7. Give your mom the ol’ shifty eyes.

8. There’s that entertaining chandelier again…

9. Giggle at absolutely nothing in particular.

10. Show off your awesome mohawk.

11. Sit up like a big girl.

12. Make use of that junk in the trunk.

13. Blow raspberries.

14. Give a toothless grin.

15. Chew on your bottom lip.

16. Blow spit bubbles while waving.

17. Drool…a lot!

18. And finally, fall asleep with your dog while mom sets up the inflatable mattress.

Sometimes, when you’re a mom and your family is moving, your husband is working and you’re bored, you’re like, “Where’s your camera?”

Don’t worry, though, because no one will judge you for taking obscene amounts of pictures of your child doing absolutely nothing. Unless you post them online, of course. :)

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