Laziversary (Seven Year Anniversary)


Ryan and I celebrated SEVEN years of marriage today (and a full DECADE of being together as of October 26th–wow!), and in light of our recent craziness around here, we decided to celebrate our anniversary in the best way possible: By doing NOTHING. We deemed it “Laziversary” and it was amazing.

Emma Vance gave us the gift of a three hour long nap midday, and we happily allowed her to snooze without thought of Baby Wise. Truthfully, I was snoozing as well (as were the dogs) while Ryan watched a movie. There we were, all the Shoves piled into one bed, cuddled up against the cold November weather. Heaven. A casual dinner where E.V. joined us and gave us much entertainment, an episode of “The Walking Dead,” and one piece of chocolate raspberry cheesecake (in lieu of wedding cake) later and the day slipped peacefully past us. Man. I love this guy and the family he’s given me. Here’s to a million more!

(E.V. taking “Laziversary” to a new level.)

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