32 Weeks Pregnant (and Chilly!)


How crazy is it that I’m 32 weeks into being pregnant with only EIGHT WEEKS to go?!? I can hardly believe it! We’ve reached the point where this baby is big enough so that I feel every movement. In fact, I’m fairly convinced that she is an alien baby, eager to pop straight out of my stomach because she pushes out so much. It’s actually a little painful, although the bright side is that it’s made feeling her kicks, punches and pushes much easier for Ryan. :)

We’re in the middle of a Snowpocalypse here in Atlanta right now, and with a friend of a friend giving birth in her car while stuck on the icy highway yesterday, I’m just feeling thankful that it wasn’t me. :) I can take a few uncomfortable flips and escape attempts from Baby #2 as long as she doesn’t come early/in bad weather. There, now I’ve jinxed myself. ;)

To all you other Southerners in the Bible Snow Belt, keep warm! Hot chocolate is my personal method of fighting the wintery blues…


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