There’s No Business Like Snow Business!


Well, in case you’re reading this and NOT a Southerner, we’ve got a bad case of the Mondays Snowdays in Atlanta. And I mean bad.

I know all of my Northern friends are rolling their eyes at the panic and disaster that has ensued from the few inches of snow we received today, but the problem is that we aren’t prepped for this weather (since it happens once every other year) and that it wasn’t supposed to be this bad. Truthfully, I wasn’t even really aware that true snow was coming this afternoon! I just happened to run a few crucial errands this morning (craft store and groceries) as the first flurries began. To me, it didn’t even feel cold enough to last long, so I hurried to let E.V. play for a few quick moments in the flurries before her nap for fear that it would be gone by the time she awoke. Man, was I wrong!

Thankfully one of the benefits of Ryan working for himself and my staying home is that we didn’t have to brave the icy roads today, but there have been hundreds of accidents on the road in Georgia today. They’ve declared a state of disaster, asked people to stop calling 911 and told everyone not to report accidents anymore. Facebook has been flooded with parents unable to reach their kids, people stuck on the roads for hours (think four or five hours to go a few miles) and friends stranded at hotels for the night.  Crazy!

By the time Emma Vance awoke from her nap, the snow had gone from flurries to furies, so we bundled her up and spent a few minutes playing the snow. (And I do mean “a few” since our little Southern belle has no tolerance for the cold!) Our neighbors, the Russians, had been sledding down our driveway into traffic ;/ all afternoon, but they quickly came running as soon as they heard barks and squeals of excitement, bringing their sled with them. Emma Vance and the girls made snowballs and attempted a snowman, and then Ryan pulled them around the yard for a while before a happy but chilly E.V. was ready to head inside. Although everyone around us seems to be having the #worstsnowdayever, ours was actually kinda’ fun. Sorry! Emma Vance did throw a little tantrum after dinner when I let the dogs out to go potty and denied her another chance to play in the cold, but her bad mood quickly passed with the promise of a hot bubble bath instead.

Overall, I’d say that E.V.’s first taste of snow was a smashing success! (And now she can officially say “snow!”)

Emma Vance in the flurries around noon


…and only a few hours later in the furies!

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