Clothing Optional

I really enjoy picking out clothes for Emma Vance. It’s like playing dress up with a little doll–a little doll who is a bit short for her size and very messy. :) However, if you follow me on Insta (@funnybeautifulblog), then you’ve seen your share of E.V. donning only a diaper…or less.

I have to admit that when we’re at home, Emma Vance spends a lot of time clothes-less. The reasoning behind her nudity is really because she LOVES running around post-bath in her birthday suit! I can’t blame her; remember how cozy it felt as a kid to be all wrapped-up in an oversized, warm towel after being in the pool all day? I sure do! For Emma Vance, though, the fun doesn’t stop there. Once she’s sufficiently dry, she’s not eager to be bogged down by restrictive clothes, meaning that she spends at least 15 minutes playing in just a diaper post-tub. Plus, nowadays she’s taken to showering with me in the morning in addition to her own bubble bath in the evening, meaning she has two opportunities to run away while I chase her down with a diaper and outfit. She thinks our little cat-and-mouse game is hilarious and also believes that anything and everything is funnier when done without clothes. I must admit, I’m beginning to agree with her! ;) Hearing her giggle as she streaks around the house brings me the giggles, too, so I don’t argue with it anymore.

I know this is a random thought to blog on, but it’s what’s going on currently in our household–E.V. and her naked antics. We have a semi-nudist amongst our ranks, and anything that brings my child joy gets a big checkmark of approval in my book.  Plus, it means less laundry, so I can’t argue with that! ;)


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