A Modern-Day Santa (A Shove Family Tradition)


We are exhausted and excited now that Christmas morning is almost here. The presents are set, the tree is lit, and breakfast is prepared. However, bleary-eyed and ready for bed, I wanted to share our sweet Christmas Eve tradition with everyone.

In a modern world, we’ve decided that it’s only appropriate that Santa gets in step with the times, so we’ve decided he┬áhas an iPhone. ;) Every Christmas Eve, Santa Facetimes Emma Vance and Cricket before he leaves the North Pole. This year we were with Ryan’s family at his brother’s home for dinner, meaning that the girls had to sneak away from the dinner table to take the big guy’s phone call. With the murmur of the grown ups chatting around the dining room table in the other room, E.V. and Cricket took turns wishing Santa a safe trip and reiterating what they want for Christmas (“ice cream Play Doh” and “babies” respectively). We are thankful for our modern day Saint Nick, who makes the joy and excitement of Christmas morning even more real to our little ones. ;)

Merry almost Christmas, and good luck to all the parents out there awake and assembling still!

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