A Monster Presentation

Our charter school recently got its International Baccalaureate accreditation, and as part of the IB program, each grade does a big presentation in the spring. Today was Cricket’s!

This was a big secret around our house over the past few weeks.Cricket was like a mad scientist with a locked lab, and my only clues were from her asking for supplies to take into school.

I need tin foil.

Where’s the paint? I have to bring in paint TODAY!

Can I have that pudding jar for my project?


Finally, after weeks of wondering, today was the day! Cricket was beside herself leading up to her big presentation, even requesting to be woken up early to shower in the morning like a big girl. Unfortunately the day didn’t start out exactly as she planned: The poor thing got a horrible nose bleed around 5:30 a.m., which ended up working out great since she was planning on showering anyway, haha. (P.S. Cricket is TERRIFIED of blood, so that was an ordeal.)

First thing after the announcements were made, the kindergarten parents filed into our school’s gym to a sea of grinning five- and six-year-old faces. Cricket’s group made a monster from a cereal box and tinfoil, which they explained in French using their knowledge of body parts, materials and colors. You have never seen a more proud group of kids. Or parents.

I loved the monster Cricket created, and I love my own little monster even more! (And now I know where all that tin foil went!)

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