A New Season (Burt’s Pumpkin Patch 2020)

Every year we drive into the North Georgia mountains for a day to celebrate the fall season with hayrides and treats and pumpkins at Burt’s Farm — and each year the day trip serves as such a reminder of how much things have changed in the twelve months since our last visit.

This year, it’s clear that we’ve entered a truly new season of life: the one where my little pre-tweens insist on choosing their own “looks” for events — including online browsing, picking out “cool” clothes without my opinion, clicking “add to cart,” and looking to me to pay. Sigh.

I’m not ready! But here we are. (And today they felt very grown-up in their outfits. So that was a big win.)

I have all the feelings each and every time I’m reminded of how much they’ve changed because it’s so painfully apparent that everyday they’re becoming less mine and more their own. Learning who my girls are and who they’re becoming is a constant pursuit around here — and inevitably as they grow and define themselves more with each passing year, I’m also growing and defining who I am more. And that’s beautiful and scary and sad and exciting and…life.

Happy fall!

An Annual Tradition x N I NE YEARS!

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