A Preschool Gingerbread House

Cricket’s preschool added a new twist to their church-wide Christmas celebration this year — a gingerbread house competition! (And, of course her teacher knew I could easily be suckered into volunteering for this particular event, haha!)

Twenty four-year-olds + icing + candy? Yeah, you can probably guess how that went!

The preschool provided a fresh cookie house, but while I was shopping for gumdrops and green gummy bears, I realized that there was NO WAY that one tiny gingerbread abode was going to be enough for an entire class of sugared-up kids to decorate. So I grabbed premade cookies (Thank you, Target!) so that each child would have something of their own to decorate, too. The kids loved being creative (and eating the cookies, of course), but as I watched my own child decorating her treat, I saw my maximalist tendencies definitely showing up in Cricket, who piled the frosting + decorations just about as high as her cookie would hold! What can I say? She’s mine!

Overall, I’d say our class created a gingerbread house that will give the competition a run for their money. (Is it so wrong to want to beat a bunch of two- and three-year-olds? HA!)

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