Kid Christmas (Holiday Decor 2018)

It’s officially Christmas season, and our house is ready!

We vary our decorations every other holiday season between being a little bit more coordinated and what I call “Kid Christmas” — color + fun + childhood memories. Since our decor was a little more muted and grown-up last year, Kid Christmas gets a turn in 2018!

It’s our tradition for the girls make a tree topper each year (this year baby Jesus on a star won), and for Kid Christmas we pull out all the homemade ornaments and lean into the mismatched madness. I have a few family items that remind me of my mother and grandmother — the obnoxious bells my mom hung on the front door each December, Great Grandma Vance’s WWII ornaments, a couple of broken angels that have somehow survived the past four decades. Pairing the memories of my family’s older generations with tiny handprints and crooked angels from our girls’ first few years makes for a warm + cozy holiday, which is what Kid Christmas is all about. (Oh, and I vowed not to buy anything new for Christmas this year, but how could I resist the light-up Santa Schnauzer that looks like our beloved Oscar? But I swear that’s it! :) )

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