A Puppy with a Broken Leg

This weekend was a blur as we added Birdie to our family and introduced her to our friends. And, of course, everyone’s first question has been, “What happened to her leg?!?”

It’s broken!

When I found Birdie online, she was healthy and happy, and, quite frankly, she is still healthy and happy. However, unfortunately two weeks ago (ironically the day that I went to visit her for the first time), her owner accidentally shut a door on her leg. He took her to the vet, who confirmed it was broken. Thankfully it was a clean break and she only needs to be in a splint for four weeks. (Two more to go!)

She seems pretty much unfazed by her injury, and in the weirdest way, it makes me love her even more. (My Enneagram 4 wing makes me want to cherish all the broken things!) She walks around, peg-leg style, filling the house with the quietest ¬†little thumping noise — which is super helpful right now because she is adventurous and easy to lose, haha! She even uses it like a tiny club when she’s wrestling, thwapping her opponents with it to egg them on.

(I think I might miss it when she’s all healed, which is a strange thing to think.)

So for the next two Fridays we’ll go see the vet to check on her progress and to get new splints. She can’t have a bath or get wet until then, so her fur looks very cream-colored right now, but she is white under there. I think that her ivory-looking fur, un-docked ears and fluffy coat are confusing to most people, because the second question we keep getting is about what breed she is…and most people are shocked to hear the answer, which makes me laugh!

Birdie’s a (white) miniature schnauzer, and her parents are 11 and 20 lbs. (Oscar and Olive were about 20 lbs. each, so she will be the perfect size for what we are used to having around.) She was the runt of the litter, and at almost two months old now (her birthday is September 9th) she’s only about 3 lbs. so far, so she’ll probably be on the small side.

Birdie is so sweet, so cute, and we are soooo happy to have her in our family, broken leg and all.

Here are some pictures of our little puppy with a broken leg from the day I first met her…

…and today, two weeks later, halfway done with her splints (and cast freshly signed by her two new besties!)

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