Bye-Bye Cast + a Bird(ie) Bath

Birdie has officially been a part of our family for two weeks now, and we are all still a *little* obsessed. She has been babied and snuggled and carted around nonstop, and we are just over the moon about how sweet + funny + cute she is. 

And now she’s whole!

A month ago she broke her leg (got caught in a door, boo), and since then she’s been peg-legging around like a champ with a cast on her little leg. It hasn’t seemed to slow her down one bit, but we were all looking forward to the day she got it off — which was today! We no longer have a (kinda’) three-legged dog!

Birdie was so excited to itch and chew that paw the second the cast came off. (I can’t blame her!)

We, on the other hand, were excited to get her into a bath the second that cast came off, haha. (Birdie’s first bath with us!)

Her leg is very weak, obviously, so she’s wobbling around like a baby deer. We’re eager to see her get her full strength back in the coming weeks + to watch her little personality blossom even more. Until then, you can find me yelling at the girls, “BE CAREFUL! DON’T DROP HER!” like a madwoman. ;)

Last cast pics (ever!)

Birdie’s first bath!

Cast-free + squeaky clean at 9 weeks old

Oof. That was a long day for such a tiny puppy.

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  1. Connie
    November 14, 2019 / 8:42 pm

    Oh my! A masterpiece!

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