Cabin Weekend 2019

So I decorated for Christmas a *little* early this year (blame Birdie), but I don’t want November to go by without reflecting on the things we’re thankful for — and, more importantly, the people we’re thankful for. We’re lucky that so many of the friends we love are in our lives regularly (technically as our church small group, although that’s not the best label for our group) and that we get to spend a weekend in the mountains each year together with all one million of our kids. ;) We’re thankful for all the many, many, many personalities that bring so much variety to the table, for the precious memories our children will grow up with, and for the chaos, the laughter, and the exhaustion that inevitably come with a group + a trip like this one. (And we’re thankful that we have a whole year to recover before the next Cabin Weekend!)

Cabin Weekend 2019 — The Year That…

Ryan got a fireball to the face (and walked away unscathed)

The group held their first Enneagram Intervention

The kids learned to fish (and how to create fishing poles from sticks + pond scum)

We discovered daytime s’mores are WAY better than waiting until dark

The kids invented an obstacle course and happily named it “The Torture Game” (which was much more ominous than the actual game itself)

The kids found a dead woodpecker and we held an impromptu funeral

We realized the importance of sorting through the cabin’s boardgames + censoring them for young eyes (yikes)

We discovered that some of us are really good at Kan Jam, and that Talie is not ;)

Brisk morning fishin’

The kids found a dead woodpecker, so we had an impromptu funeral…

…and water burial.

Afternoon hike along the train tracks

Daytime s’mores! (So much better than waiting until it’s FREEZING at night.)

The kids created their own (slimy) “fishing poles” out of sticks and pond plants. Yuck. ;P

Love these framilies!

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