A Very WICKED Halloween 2015!

NO1_1339NO1_1452NO1_1187I just have to say, if the one in a million chance that one of my two daughters becomes a Broadway star comes true, and then if the one in a bajillion chance that they star in “Wicked” comes true, I will die. Die. And I will be there on opening night, waving a giant poster in the front row with these pictures on it. (And every other night it runs until the very last show, where I will bawl. Bawl.)

So, needless to say, this year E.V. and Cricket dressed up like Elphaba and Glinda from “Wicked”  — or the Wicked Witch of the West and the Good Witch, depending on your choice of entertainment. (I vote Broadway musical.)

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 4.01.27 PM

This was a daunting set of costumes for me. I’ve made the girls’ Halloween costumes in the past (here and here), but this year I decided to attempt to use a pattern for the first time ever. In some ways it was much easier than I expected, but mostly is was  hard. So hard that about halfway through Emma Vance’s dress I gave up and put it together logically and completely winged it for Cricket’s dress. I did learn a lot in the process, though, so I think I’d try another pattern again…when I have more time. Or less children hanging around me 24/7. ;)

We went with real stage makeup to give E.V. Elphaba’s curious green glow, and ditched a real pageant crown that I purchased online to top of Glinda’s outfit because, well, my wiggly toddler wouldn’t even let me put it on her head! I had anticipated this and bought a $1 crown as a back up. (And she barely wanted to keep that one on!) I blame the almost full moon. ;)

This was also the first year we truly trick or treated. Usually we just go to the grandmothers’ houses, but since E.V. LOVES Halloween, this year we actually attempted a few houses, which had varied success. Our babysitter’s mom was excited to see the girls and we met two of our neighbors, but mostly everyone else was out gathering candy for themselves, and grabbing candy from the bowl just isn’t as fun as ringing doorbells. Oh, well! Next year hopefully we’ll have more neighbors moved into our community!

Wishing everyone a very WICKED Halloween 2015!

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