A (Weeknight) Merri-Mac Par-tay!

If you know our family at all, you know we are HUGE fans of Camp Merri-Mac. I went as a kid, and now the girls will be going for their first and third summers this year (for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!), and I am utterly envious that they’ll each get ten whole summers at camp.

Merri-Mac is a constant topic of conversation (and parties) around here, so when the opportunity to share camp with other families with a home show came up, we were excited to celebrate camp with our friends (especially on a weeknight!).

We socialized, ate pizza + sugar (of course), and talked about camp with the director of Merri-Mac, Adam. Of course my girls were excited to see their Iroquois friends and to tell them all about camp — and to put their two cents into the group conversation, haha!

As I cleaned up, thankful to have been able to share camp with some family friends, the girls were hard at work…turning the leftover balloons into Adam and his wife, Ann. Well, if nothing else, at least no one will ever doubt that they’re MY kids! ;)

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