The Pink Lorax(es) + Filter Magic

Sometimes, just sometimes, in motherhood, you can plan and be as ahead of the game as possible — only to totally mess it all up at the last minute. Whoops. ;)

This year for Dr. Seuss Day, the girls both wanted to be the Lorax. (Well, E.V. wanted to be the Lorax and Cricket is the eternal little sister…so you know how that goes. Sigh.) I had enough foresight to ask them in advance who they wanted to dress up like, and for that, I gave myself all the good-mom self-high-fives.

The Lorax? Easy.

So I ordered solid orange dresses and leggings on Amazon (once again, #modernmotherhood) and sat back to sip my Starbucks and wait. And they came in time (yay) — and they came in pink.


It was too late to fix it, so I held my breath and presented them to my two little creative kids…and they didn’t even blink twice! I guess “coral” is orange enough for a five- and seven-year old. What a relief! 

(Mostly I think they were just excited to act grumpy and tell people, “I speak for the trees!”)

So, let’s just all use our imaginations (and a little filter magic) to imagine how my Loraxes should have looked today, haha!

Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss!

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