(Another) Daddy Day + Chick-fil-A


It’s been a busy few weeks over here at the Shove household, with Ryan traveling back-to-back, preschool fun galore and Spring in the air. The girls and I seem to be together non-stop (of course), and the fun activities are keeping our calendars full!

Last week, while Ryan was in Florida, I filled in for him at Daddy Day again, this time for Cricket’s class. Since I was in the hospital having Cricket during E.V.’s Mommy Day in 2012 (for her 1s class), I figure this was a nice way to make up for missing out a couple years ago. ;) It was sweet to see Cricket with her friends, crafting a frame (and adding about one million pieces of flare, in true Shove family style), singing in music class (adorable) and then getting ready to head out for recess (that bunny hat — soooo cute, right?). I was sad for Ryan that he wasn’t able to make it, but, let’s be honest, secretly pumped that I was able to play Daddy for a day.

We also went to E.V.’s friend (from preschool, originally from her 1s class!) Harper’s birthday party. We all enjoyed a sweet little lunch at Chick-fil-A, complete with cow print cupcakes, nuggets + fries and stuffed cow toys for goodies. Plus E.V. and Cricket spent 90% of the event enjoying the indoor playground, although they did manage to scare some poor little girl by pretending there were spiders chasing them (geez). I mean, my kid is obsessed with Halloween, what can I say? ;) Let’s go with, “Happy birthday Harper! We are so glad you’re our friend!”

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