AXO with Littles

To start our spring break this year, the girls and I trekked up to Athens for an Alpha Chi Omega event today. To say they were obsessed is to put it lightly. We had to tour the college girls’ rooms repeatedly (to figure out which one was their favorite — unsurprisingly, the one with a Bob Ross poster won), they adopted one of the sisters as their own (we have found us an Athens babysitter!), and they consumed zebra cake like it was going out of style (which it never will — NEVER). Seriously, the Shove sisters acted like they ran the place. And maybe one day they will!

Today’s visit was particularly special for Cricket because the last time she visited AXO, she was just a few months old. Needless to say, as we drove into town, she had no idea what to expect and one million questions. (“How do they eat in the clubhouse?” Well, there IS a kitchen in the sorority house.) And, for as many times as I’ve joked that my crazy Cricket walks around like a drunk sorority girl, I was tickled that she walked around the real sorority girls like one of their own. (Minus the drunk part, of course.) 

Seeing familiar faces in person (briefly as I chased around my littles), revisiting fond memories, and being the older, random person walking around warning the fresh-faced, youthful girls I once was, “This will be you one day! Just wait!” was the perfect way to start our vacation. HAPPY SPRING BREAK…FINALLY!

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