Ryan left us ladies alone over spring break (negative benefits of self-employment), so at the last minute we packed up and headed to Jacksonville to visit the ocean + our friends. Traveling alone with kids isn’t ideal, but it’s an amazing experience that I’m thankful to have every once in a while. (Plus, I’m really just laying the groundwork for future Girls’ Trips in a couple of decades…#raisethemright)

DAY 1 // We rode into town and straight to our camp friends’ house to cause a ruckus (and to eat pizza). Also, we drove away from the Atlanta rain, but it quickly caught up to us. (Womp.) Oh, well.  Iroquois is #1 and don’t you forget!

DAY 2 // A little rain never stopped us! Except for when it did. I thought we could brave the stormy weather and at least enjoy the beach for the morning…but I didn’t expect the wind. OH, THE WIND! We lasted a total of two minutes before we felt like blown-over snowmen…

…so we packed up and crashed our babysitter’s senior spring break instead. (Doesn’t everyone envision their last high school SB being spent playing Trouble with little kids? No? Just me?)

Oh, and the home they were staying at had DUCKS to feed!

We did leave the teens alone after lunch and decided to check out our hotel’s heated indoor/outdoor pool + hot tub.

And who doesn’t crave warm clam chowder after a cold, rainy beach day? (Cricket the Compactor definitely does.) Add grilled cheese, fried fish ‘n chicken, and hush puppies, and these girls were as happy as…well, clams.

P.S. Our hotel didn’t get the Disney Junior channel, so now my girls have discovered all the tween-centric Disney shows. Save me, Coop + Cami!

DAY 3 // The weather was still a little yucky in the morning, so we spent THREE HOURS in the pool + hot tub. (Thankfully the girls made a friend, because, yeesh, I can only play so much mermaid.)

After lunch the sun started to shine, so we made a beeline for the beach before dinner to gather shells + build sand castles.

We met up with some old friends from college for dinner + dessert…and Cricket found her soulmate. (Highlight of the night?  Cricket randomly crying “because her grandma is dead” and her friend crying “because Cricket’s grandma is dead.” Um…)

DAY 4 // SUN! We were supposed to drive back in the morning, but the sun was shining, so we crashed senior SB again to use their pool + beachfront. (Seriously, people, we are doing something right with this generation because these girls were so awesome to take in an ancient has-been like me + her two wild things.)

And that’s a wrap! Back to the boredom of school days + early morning alarms. Sigh. Summer, where are you??

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