Baby Dedication

Today Emma Vance was dedicated at North Point Community Church. (A “baby dedication” is a celebration where parents to announce their intentions to raise a child in a Christian home.) It’s been a long time coming, with the grandmothers inquiring about a “christening” since before E.V. was even born, and this morning turned out to be a wonderful event where fun was had by all–and most importantly by Emma Vance!

I’ll spare you all the mundane details, but it was a lovely event. There was a short service with live music, a slideshow of the babies, and a speaker, then some family discussions at our table followed by a prayer. There were a LOT of tears (happy tears) shed at our table, including those shed by the Aquilios (shocker!). I suppose when it comes to babies and nostalgia, even the toughest of The Donalds doesn’t stand a chance. :) Thankfully, throughout the morning Emma Vance was not of the screaming-baby variety, but instead she chose to entertain her captive audience with a tabletop dance, to dote on her family as she was passed around, and to gaze at the big lights and loud music.

Afterwards we had a low-key family lunch at Brookwood Grill in Roswell. The food was good, and the entertainment even better. (Did I mention EMMA VANCE was the entertainment? Ha!) Overall it was a nice little event, and we’re happy to have officially introduced Emma Vance into the church. God is good!

E.V.’s gift from North Point for the occasion
(There was a 10 person limit for the event, so Ryan and I sat butt-to-butt on a chair. Talk about a true partnership! ;) )

Hands-down the best picture of the day!

(Here she goes with the tabletop dancing…)

Little miss passed out on the way after the dedication (can’t blame her!),
but was up and at ’em the second we walked in to the restaurant!

(Mrs. Emma Vance knitted this little peach caplet for the occasion.)

E.V.’s latest obsession? Clicking her tongue!

My brother, Jon, thoroughly enjoying his cheat day!

(Love this guy so much.)

“Um, hey guys? Where’s my food? Guys? GUYS???”

Just chillin’, blowin’ raspberries…

Such a pretty picture! Too bad 10 seconds later she threw up oatmeal on Aunt Lisa. :/
Aaaaand we’re done.

When all was said and done and we were home safely, Emma Vance and I wound down with a bottle and a little Sesame Street. She fell asleep about two minutes after finishing her bottle, and I went downstairs to join my husband…

…or should I say my “other baby?” :) Hey, it was a long day for everyone!

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