Baby Unicorn + Letting Go (Preschool Preview)


Today we had a playground playdate for Emma Vance to meet her new teachers and classmates. It was quick, and although Cricket tagged along unexpectedly (little sisters!), she kept up with the big kids quite well — to no one’s surprise! Today’s little date was the first preschool event of the year, which has me excited. (C’mon fall weather and kid-free mornings!)

Emma Vance has always been super social and loved school, so I began talking about meeting her new teacher and friends a few days ago as something to look forward to. It wasn’t long until she started jibber-jabbering about the playdate, although as I listened to her talk, I heard a problem:

“…and we’re going to Charmie’s house!”

I quickly realized that E.V. thought her teacher from last year, Charmie, was going to be her teacher, well…for always. How do you explain the inevitable passing of time and change to a three-year old? I’m not sure the correct answer to that question, but on the fly, I decided to begin by telling her that Miss Kassie, her new teacher, was Charmie’s best friend. The idea sunk in easily, but it didn’t stop Emma Vance from thinking we’d see Charmie at the playdate. We loved chit chatting with Miss Kassie and the other parents, but at the end of our time, E.V. walked away soooo confused.

“Where’s Miss Charmie? Can we go to her house now?”

Poor kid. We’re sticking with the “Miss Charmie’s best friend” line for now since it seems to have at least struck a chord and endeared E.V. to her new teacher a bit, but it’s gonna’ take some time for her to officially let go. ;)

Other than the whole BFF thing, the other most endearing part of the playtime was that Miss Kris, the assistant teacher, was hanging onto a giant basket of Beanie Babies when we arrived. Emma Vance got to pick out her own unique animal to adopt, which did wonders for my little’s heart. What animal did she choose? Why, her favorite, of course…

A unicorn.

(She says it’s because they’re “sparkly.”)

E.V. coddled “Baby Unicorn” (she’s not creative in her naming quite yet) all day today, loving and doting on that tiny, magical stuffed creature. I even glanced over while we were watching a show this afternoon, and she had her dress pulled up to her chin and Baby Unicorn lying on her chest while she whispered to it.

“What are you saying to Baby Unicorn, Love?” I asked.

“Baby Unicorn is drinking my nipples,” she replied happily.

(And there you have it, folks. That’s my daughter.)

How did I respond, you’re wondering (besides holding back uproarious laughter)? I simply grinned and said, “Well, that makes you a wonderful Mommy Unicorn, doesn’t it?” ;)

I’d say that’s a pretty good start to the school year, wouldn’t you? Hahaha!

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And, then, just because she’s so stinkin’ cute (to me at least), here’s this bath time bug from tonight…

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