Benefits of Sleepwalking

“Good morning!”

Today, in the wee early morning hours, I awoke, sleepily expecting an empty bed as Ryan was traveling last night. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I saw one…two…three bumps in the bed. Oscar, Olive–and Emma Vance? Yep. Emma Vance.

I have this foggy, hazy memory of her crying at some point in the middle of the night, but not much after that. In fact, it seems much more like a dream than reality. Apparently I half-sleep-walked to her crib, picked her up, carried her to my bed, and snuggled her back to sleep. Hmmm. Not a really big deal (considering my fear of co-sleeping has gone away now that she can easily punch and kick me awake if I invade her space!), but it is weird to wake up to what should be an empty bed and find a BABY dozing next you. I suppose my sleepy subconscious wanted someone to keep me company while dreaming last night, or perhaps her magical baby powers have evolved to include flying through the air and into my bed? Either way, it was a pleasant way to wake up this morning…for both of us. :)

She is way too comfortable in our big bed…
Oh, that bed head!

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