Between Carpool and “Cheese!” (Picture Day)

Yesterday was Cricket’s Fall Picture Day at preschool. I take about one gazillion pictures of my girls (perhaps you’ve noticed?), so although having a professional shoot Cricket is great, I don’t usually buy the photos.

Our preschool’s photographer’s shots are always way better than mine, but truly you never know what you’re going to get. I mean, Cricket’s session was set for two hours after drop-off. That’s like seventy-hours in preschool time, meaning a paint blotch, a bonked forehead, or undone hair is pretty much expected. So I take a few pictures right before I hand my perfectly-primped child over to the zoo of pre-k just in case.

I do the same for Emma Vance, too. In fact, her Picture Day was just a few weeks ago, and I just happened to find her proofs right before I dressed Cricket for her photos.

(See the disaster below.)

Case in point. I’ve never felt more strongly about taking my own pre-drop-off picture than I did when I saw this picture. (Dyyyyyying!) Apparently no one bothered to fix her hair, but they sure did make sure that polo was buttoned all the way up (#priorities). And, to be clear, this is the photo that will go in E.V.’s yearbook to be remembered FOREVER, haha! ;)

Thankfully I have proof that I sent her to school looking decent, because, man, A LOT can happen in between carpool and “Cheese!”

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