Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Watersound Beach Trip 2018)

Whoa, that’s a lot of girls.

We heard it at least half a dozen times during our stay, and, to be honest, I didn’t mind the shock (and awww) our gaggle of girls elicited wherever we trekked. (There was even a moment I was alone with all six littles and I’m fairly certain people thought they were ALL mine, haha! I should be so lucky.)

In fact, while taking a beach-break at the community pool, all six of our girls surrounded a little old grandma and chatted her up. From the other side of the pool, the adults could hear the kind but perhaps slightly baffled woman ask, “Are you all cousins?”

No. We’re sisters! And we¬†just moved here. And we all live in the same cabin.

(Cricket, sigh.)

And no matter how much we tried to correct the boldfaced lie, Cricket insisted she was right. And I can’t blame her. In some way, a week spent in close quarters, eating and adventuring together, boogie boarding and paddle boarding and wave jumping, building sandcastles, snuggling close, getting around on a golf cart overfilled with wiggly children, staying up late playing card games, celebrating and joking…made our three families feel like one. And at some point it did feel like this was our life: Living at the beach, all together in one big ol’ house — or “cabin” if you prefer ;).

I suppose sometimes it just takes the innocence (and insistence) of a four-year-old to help you put proper words to an experience.

Here’s to friends that are like family, and to time spent fighting sand + sun until you finally give in and just embrace the madness…in every possible way!

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