But She NEVER Cries! (Cricket’s Two-Month Dr Appt)


My poor baby. Cricket has been congested for over a month now, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight!

In fact, I thought Cricket was on the mend, but last night around bedtime she began to cry, and since she rarely cries, I was confused and concerned. She spent the night coughing and wheezing and sobbing; it was pitiful! Thankfully we had a scheduled appointment this month that was supposed to be a two-month well check, but what’s that saying about two birds and one stone? :) So most of our two-month appointment was spent talking about my sick little lady, and how, well…how there’s nothing we can do. (Boo!) The doctor cleared us to give her a small amount of Tylenol to ease her nighttime pain, but we’re back at a waiting/soothing/resting/snot-sucking game. Ugh. This sucks. Literally.

Other than that, Cricket is on-track! She held her head up well, didn’t show any signs of an ear infection, had clear lungs…but still wasn’t her usual self as the doctor examined her. She even cried for a brief moment while he was looking her over — to which I exclaimed innocently, “But she NEVER cries!” (Poor thing.) Even the doctor commented how she’s usually sunnier than she was this morning. :( We opted to delay her two-month vaccinations until she’s in better health (since there are a TON with this round).

And, for the records, statistically speaking, our Baby #2 is just a bit tall, heavy and noggin-y. Cricket weighed in at 12 lbs. 7 oz. (80th percentile, +1 lb. 14 oz.), was 22.75 inches tall (70th percentile, +1.25 inches) and her head was 39.7 cm round (80th percentile, +1.3 cm). Get better, kiddo, and keep on a-growin’!

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