Bye-Bye Twinkle Twos!


Emma Vance had her last ballet class of the semester on Thursday, and it was a “recital” of sorts where they “performed” for us beaming parents. I mean, it’s absolutely ridiculous how proud you can feel about the silliest of things: prancing around a room, jumping over cones, twirling with a stuffed animal…but it’s true. Being a parent gives you total rose-colored glasses about your little ones, so I’m embracing it. I mean, hearing E.V. shout, “I DID IT!” when her turn galloping up and down the room with an Angelina Ballerina toy made my¬†heart swell to unfathomable sizes and grin wider than I thought possible. She’s growing up to be such a¬†positive, upbeat, encouraging — and wild — little lady. Next semester we’re off to gymnastics for a few months, so here are a few million pictures of Emma Vance and her buddy Sophie hammin’ it up for their grand ballet finale. Enjoy!

(Oh, and the mystery of E.V. walking around with her hands on her head is solved. Apparently it’s what they have to do to get stamps in ballet class! Ha!)

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