Christmas Day, Observed


I have to admit, I’m ready for this. The house has been decorated since Thanksgiving, the presents were bought and stored weeks ago, parties were had, merriment was enjoyed…and now it’s time to be done.

Late last night, E.V. learned that funnel cakes, fried Oreos and snow tubing don’t mix, so after a tiring night and an exciting morning filled with kids opening gifts and hosting families for breakfast, Christmas 2016 is complete. I’m exhausted, and can’t wait for the New Year.

Until then, Merry Christmas!

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Honestly, I’m most excited to take down our Christmas decorations. I’ve enjoyed them for sure, but I’m ready for my house to feel like my house again! Since this Christmas had major potential to be sad, I opted for decor that isn’t really “me” — that is, red-and-green, fun, not-so-serious decorations. (Maybe that’s why I’m ready to take them down, haha!)
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(Okay, so the dining room table was “me…”)


But the tree was definitely not my norm. We always had two trees when I was little — a pretty, matchy-matchy one and a kid tree. This year we opted for a “kid” tree, which was fun.


We have a family tradition that the girls get to make the angel at the top of the tree. This year they each made one, and we gave them each a Christmas lollipop, which was my mother’s signature treat.

no1_3498no1_3494no1_3626no1_3631no1_3501A Santa figurine pilfered from my mom’s garage during the clean out this fall.


The loudest, most obnoxious Christmas bells you ever did hear. ;) Also pilfered from my mom’s garage because these annoying things are pretty much family history at this point. (And one day my kids will roll their eyes, too, when I pull them out each year.)

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We don’t “do” the Elf thing yet, so ours just watches from a real shelf all season.


My grandmother’s vintage ornaments on display.no1_3506


My grandmother and grandfather’s first set of ornaments — red and navy glass balls purchased from a drug store because they were too poor to afford anything else at such a young age.


The nativity E.V. made at preschool.


Baby Jesus, of course!

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