Christmas Eve 2014


Whew. I was SO ready for the Christmas season to begin, but now that’s it’s finally coming down to the wire, I’m eager to celebrate tomorrow in order to REST Friday! ;) (Oh, and hopefully sleep a little tonight!)

Today, Christmas Eve, was awesome — and busy. This morning Cricket and I made an 8 a.m. trip to Target (in the cold and the rain). Meanwhile Ryan was prepping E.V. to head out to brunch, and when I returned to a “fully dressed” Emma Vance, she was wearing a long sleeve t-shirt, rain gear and gray tights. Where are her pants? (Blank stare.) Thus, this will forever be known as “The Christmas Eve Ryan Learned Tights and Leggings Are NOT The Same Thing.” ;) We ate as a family at Goldberg’s Deli and picked up bagels for tomorrow’s breakfast extravaganza.

After the girls had long naps, we donned festive dresses from grandma and headed to my mom’s house for dinner where we all ate a ton, E.V. chased around their new dog calling him “Goo Goo” affectionately, and everyone took turns handling the girls — and for once E.V. was desperate for Yia Yia’s attention and not mine, so merry Christmas to me! What’s not so merry for me is that at dinner she was allowed to open one of Yia Yia’s gifts early and happened to pick a musical “Frozen” microphone, which has LITERALLY been playing on repeat ever since. :/ #itsonlycuteforsolong

Tonight Ryan and I also let Emma Vance open one of her gifts early, which turned out to be Goldfish crackers. You might not think that’s a very good gift, but in toddler world, Goldfish might as well be real gold. #truestory  So while we were busy celebrating being Parents of the Year in our girls’ eyes, they chowed down and played with their nativity finger puppets while Ryan snuck away for a few minutes. Then, *coincidentally*, it was time for our annual Christmas Eve call with Santa, and both E.V. and Cricket were super pumped. Emma Vance kept running around the room, dancing for Santa and shouting that she wanted “a princess” for Christmas. Since this is the first time she’s actually requested a particular present, it’s a good thing that I know my daughter way too well and had already gotten her Disney princess dolls for tomorrow. Whew. Crisis avoided. What I’m going to do one year when she requests a pony 12 hours before C-Day, I’m not sure. I’ll let Future Talie worry about that! ;) Unfortunately Santa had to get back to delivering gifts to all the good boys and girls of the world, but there wasn’t too much time to be sad because Daddy magically reappeared to read bedtime stories and tuck the girls in.

And then Santa’s elves went to work. Too bad they don’t believe in wrapping gifts for toddlers and babies. Something about being bad for the environment or whatever. Or maybe just laziness. ;)

Now to try and get a little rest before the madness begins! T-8 hours and counting!

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