K-Love + The Carley Clan


Why do so many of my favorite people live not here?? Although having friends who live far away does make our time with them extra special, it’s not ideal to only see the people you love once or twice a year. And we want to change that. Therefore, the Shove family is officially rallying for the Carley clan to ditch the sunshine state and move to Georgia. I’ll start getting the petition signed while Ryan works on the picket signs. ;)

Until our movement is in full swing, we’ll have to relish in the one evening we got to spend with Tim, Kristan and their sweet kids, Caleb and Brooklyn, this holiday. Our girls are already BFF/personality twinsies, and E.V. is obsessed with “K-Love” (i.e. Caleb), who is sweet on Cricket. (A love triangle is surely in the works, although it might just be that Caleb is extra-good with babies…) I’m already planning an arranged marriage, and Tim and Kristan have been informed that K-Love may have the choice of my daughters. I’m working on their dowry currently, which will probably include something like the deed to Amityville and Ryan’s Scout (if Caleb chooses E.V., who will inherit Ryan’s dream car). Until then, here are a few pics of our kids being bribed with lollipops in order to hold still — and of E.V. forcing hugs on Brooklyn and Caleb. Just let it happen, okay?;)

NO1_0311 NO1_0312 NO1_0318 NO1_0327 NO1_0336 NO1_0345 NO1_0351

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