Merry Christmas // Married Cleanmess


So Christmas happened. It was, well — fun, exhausting, exciting, exhausting, memorable, exhausting…you get the idea.

A quick recap: First we did presents with just the girls and us. The big hit of the morning was a set of all the possible Disney princess dolls. (Emma Vance’s dream came true! Now when she asks for a particular princess to play with, we’ll actually have it!) My gift to Ryan? That not a single toy I bought the girls required putting together. #bestdadgiftever  Then we hosted our families at our annual Christmas Breakfast, where my awesome husband did all of the cooking. (Yessss!) The big hit of breakfast was Ryan’s bacon pancakes. (Yes, you read that right, and, yes, they were as good as you’re imagining!) Then Cricket napped while E.V. chose not to nap, which meant that she passed out on the five minute car ride to Ryan’s mom’s house for dinner. (Womp womp.) Dinner and catching up with Ryan’s family over Christmas dinner was awesome, followed by gifts galore. The big hits of the evening were a mini piano (complete with a singer-songewriter microphone that proved E.V. is a natural) and a kiddie four-wheeler (of course). The girls were up until 10 p.m., so needless to say that all of the wrappings and trappings and dishes from the day stayed wherever they landed.

And then the next day it was Cleanmess, the holiday that follows Christmas. ;) There was the breaking down of gift boxes, tearing open of impossible toy packaging, crumpling of discarded paper, washing of dishes…all with my husband at my side. It was, well — satisfying, exhausting, necessary, exhausting, worth it, exhausting…you get the idea. ;)

So, Merry Christmas and Married Cleanmess everyone! Now onto New Year’s resolutions, my favorite time of the year!!!

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