Class Christmas Parties 2017


Well, even though we’re in total Christmas madness melt down around here as we eagerly count down the days to Jesus’s birthday, I’m happy to report that we survived back-to-back class parties.

This year I’m the Room Mom for E.V.’s class and the Christmas Party Coordinator for Cricket’s class. Our preschool is great at encouraging pre-planning for parties, so in November our committee decided to run with a Grinch theme. Meanwhile, back in kindergarten, we have a lot of working parents and families who live far away, so I handled a lot of our party prep. In order to have a more manageable workload, I made the executive decision that E.V.’s class had to have the same theme and decorations — a very merry Grinchmas all the way around!

Despite the almost-identical decor and theme, the parties couldn’t have been more different. Emma Vance’s party was CRAZYYYY. There were more kids, less space, and there were styrofoam snow balls everywhere from the seemingly-simple craft I chose. (Who knew making snow globes would be so messy?!) But the kids had a blast eating pizza and cupcakes, making ornaments from their portraits, and pinning hearts on that nasty ol’ Grinch. The party ran a bit late, though, and as I frantically scrambled to clean up, the principal came by to gently escort me out. (“But wait! There’s more pizza sauce that needs wiping up!”)

The funny thing is that I would’ve bet that Cricket’s class would’ve had the crazier party. (Fifteen three-year-olds all sugary and hyper? Pure madness.) However, we were like a well-oiled machine! The success of the party probably had to do with the fact that I did literally nothing when it came to food. Case in point: Notice E.V’s pizza-and-cupcakes party fare v. Cricket’s theme-y, lovely Who Pudding, green mac ’n cheese, and heart-shaped cookies. Hey, we all have our strengths and weaknesses, and I know mine, haha!  In fact, the party ran as smoothly as possible. The kids ate while the lone dad of the group read Dr. Seuss. Then we made green ornaments and cut Grinch masks and pinned hearts again (although the kids were mostly too terrified to be blindfolded — poor things). It turned out to be a sweet little celebration!

Now that the class parties are over (whew), we’re onto the grand finale over the next few days. (But first I have to convince Cricket that she doesn’t get ANOTHER Grinch party at our house, because somewhere along the way she convinced herself that it was happening. And although technically we have the decorations, I’m all Grinched out!)

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