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Why is December made of equal parts magic and madness? I decorated early, took Christmas card pictures way in advance, check-listed gifts like a boss, and pre-planned our month with finesse. However, the weeks leading up to Christmas are just busy. There’s no way to get around it. We’ve partied and dined and volunteered and helped out in classes and shopped and addressed and crafted our hearts out. It’s been full-on merriment + madness around here, folks! Here’s a snapshot of all the stuff we’ve been up to as of late:

We saw a few of the girl’s little friends dance their hearts out at the Nutcracker (the two-hour version!). We had a buffet breakfast, got a back-stage tour, and hung out with dear friends. The girls are OBSESSED with taking ballet classes now. (And karate. And soccer. And Girl Scouts. Lord help me.)

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December was Cooking Mom month for me, meaning that I was in charge of teaching Cricket’s class some sort of kitchen skill or recipe. (I mean, I can craft and party plan in my sleep, but COOK? Maybe not so much.) So I chose to do what any sane person leading 15 preschoolers would do — work on knife skills! :) I actually believe that kids should use (dull) knives, so this was fun for me. We made smoothies so the class could practice cutting up fruits and veggies. We made a green Grinch version and a pink Cindy Lou Who one, too. (Cindy Lou won the vote for Best Smoothie, even despite the beets and rutabaga that I snuck in!) It was so fun letting the kids cut and teaching them how to make something healthy. (And I learned that mine isn’t the only child who covers their ears at the sound of the blender!)

IMG_4729 IMG_4730 IMG_4745 IMG_4753 IMG_4757IMG_4763

The weekend of Black Friday, some girlfriends and I hosted a Christmas Bazaar. We had a few local vendors come out with gift items, made DIY wreaths and drank champagne. (Yay!) It was so much fun!

IMG_4445 IMG_4448 IMG_4449 IMG_4450 IMG_4451

A few weeks ago, E.V.’s teacher called me to chat and wished me a happy Hanukkah. (Hmmm…) Apparently Emma Vance told her that we’re Jewish! I about died laughing. My poor, confused child! Her aunt is Jewish, for one. AND, to make matters more confusing to a child, E.V. tagged along a couple weeks ago as I finished up an install for a fabulous client who asked for a Hanukkah mantel for her son and daughter based on two wild outer space and mermaid Hanukkah gift wraps that she found. (Bring me ALL of your out-of-the-box ideas, world! I love them!)

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And just for good measure, I also got to paint the display for a new book release from a leader at our church. Once again, I love the variety being a creative brings to work and life!


Oh, and even though I’m (surprisingly) NOT a Christmas baker at heart, we did get some major holiday baking + crafting with our friends, the Engerts early-on in the season during a play date. 

IMG_4141 IMG_4146 IMG_4152 IMG_4153IMG_4162 IMG_4167

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