Christmas Card, O Christmas Card


I seriously, SERIOUSLY debated whether or not to send Christmas cards this year. (And, guys, I LOVE Christmas cards!) For some reason I just felt this instant lethargy post-Thanksgiving that made me drag my feet. We had an amazing photographer take our family picture, but (truthfully) as cute as my gals + guy looked that day, I felt like I looked awful. (I guess everyone has bad hair days. And outfit days. And why-can’t-I-smile-right days. But usually not all at once, haha!) So I immediately put on my big girl pants and took some redo pics of just the girls and LOVED how sweet they looked. But designing + ordering them…UGH. I’m not a procrastinator by nature, but the disease attacked like a body snatcher and ALMOST convinced me to not send out cards this year. (The only motivating thought that got me through was that a few decades down the road, when the Christmas cards are done, I didn’t want to look back at the series and scoff, “Why is 2017 missing? What was my problem??”)

So I did it. But we only sent out a handful instead of the usual one million. I hope all my friends get a chance to glance at this post and pretend like they’re staring at their fridge instead of their computer. (We still love you. I promise.) Hey, this way you also get the bonus of perusing the outtakes, so yay?

Merry Christmas! Love, The Shoves 2017 ;)

IMG_9060 IMG_9061 IMG_9062 IMG_9064 IMG_9066 IMG_9067IMG_9030 IMG_9031 IMG_9033 IMG_9034 IMG_9036 IMG_8997 IMG_8999 IMG_9000 IMG_9004 IMG_9005 IMG_9006 IMG_9012 IMG_9014 IMG_9016 IMG_9018IMG_9071 IMG_9020 IMG_9050 IMG_9053

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