It’s a Small World (Christmas Decor 2017)


Each year I buy ONE random family ornament to commemorate the big event that we want to remember for years to come. I write a little tag to go with the ornament so that even when I’m long gone, E.V. and Cricket can read and remember. This year, I struggled with which ornament to choose because we really had two big family memories: E.V. going to kindergarten, and our first trip to Disney.

After much debate, I ended up buying a wolf (ICSA’s mascot) ornament to commemorate our family’s entry into elementary school. The decision was hard, but when I pulled out the little aqua tree Ryan’s mom bought us for the girls’ playroom, I thought of a fun way to commemorate our Disney trip separately. The girls LOVED riding It’s a Small World, so I decided we could have a Small World-themed Christmas tree! It turned out super cute — the perfect way to revel in our Magic Kingdom memories!


The rest of the house was pretty normal for us/me. The big addition this year was adding succulents to our greenery-themed tree in place of the usual shiny, round ornaments. The effect was very subtle, and I loved it. (However, I’m already itching to go big + bright next year!) Enjoy the tour!IMG_5507
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