Crackers in Bed

“Ummm, E.V.? Are you awake?”

Emma Vance fell asleep in her highchair today. Mid-lunch. Mid-chew. No kidding.

She was about ten bites in when her eyelids began drooping and her head began bobbing, and at about bite 12 she finally passed out. It was a first for her, but I suppose a morning spent climbing on the jungle gym at Life Time Fitness was more than she could handle. (Hey, playing can be exhausting work for a baby…) Ryan helped clean her up as I held back my giggles, and then he carried her up to her crib, where she slept for three hours straight. Three hours straight. It was amazing. And TOTALLY unexpected. And I didn’t know what to do with myself. And, yes, I physically went in her room to check her breathing a few times to ensure she was still alive because I was so surprised at her exhaustion.

When Sleeping Beauty finally awoke, we did our daily post-nap routine. You see, E.V. is a bit of a snuggle bug, so she needs a few minutes of cuddling after a long snooze to wake up properly. (Who doesn’t?) This wouldn’t be unique, except that a few weeks ago I had a bout of the flu and had stashed Saltines in my nightstand, which Emma Vance promptly unearthed and sneakily devoured. Since then, she climbs over me to get into my nightstand, digging around for her crackers. So, every day, when she wakes up, we snuggle and have a sleepy Saltine snack in bed together. It makes for crumby sheets, but it also makes for good memories. Clearly “good memories” wins out in that match up. ;)

Oscar is such a shark in the water!

Half awake, but fully engaged in snacking. :)

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