Balls Bubbles Water Nature

I looked up an article on how to do Montessori activities at home because I was really curious about the philosophy. The article I picked, though, was unfortunately really vague and really long, and (truthfully) I skimmed it. (My attention span is getting shorter as I ge…Wait, where was I?) The main thing I gleaned from the small bit of article I actually read was to figure out the things your kid is currently into and to encourage whatever those things happen to be. Okay, I can do that. As for all that other stuff? Well, we’ll get there…maybe. ;)

Balls. Bubbles. Water. Nature. That sounded like a pretty good place to start, and since the Shove household is all-or-nothing, I decided to combine all of Emma Vance’s most favoritey-favoritest things in the whole wide world to create a shmooze-fest of fun that only my child could appreciate. It was like fun overload for the four of us. (Yes, Oscar and Olive count when I think of little ones I’m responsible for, although they may be beyond help at this point. Ha!) I don’t know if it was really oh-so-educational, but it definitely was FUN, and since autumn is quickly closing in on us, I figured one (possibly) last day in the kiddie pool was worth the effort. (I’m pretty sure all moms who actually do the real Montessori stuff are rolling their eyes at me right now, and I’m okay with that. :) Hey, A+ for effort, right?) I can’t help but imagine that one day, as E.V. walks across the stage at Harvard or Oxford and is handed her diploma, clearly she’ll be thinking of this one single “Montessori activity” (term used loosely…VERY loosely) as the defining moment in her education. Self-pat on the back, Talie. You nailed it. {insert chuckling}

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